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Dear parents, carers, family members and friends,
A very warm Welcome to KINGS International School.
We are very proud of what has been achieved at KINGS International Primary and Preschools over the past year and especially during this unprecedented time. We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to our existing parents and friends for their continued support. We have made good progress and it has been wonderful to receive so many positive comments from children, parents, carers and the local and the wider community.

About our School

Anyone with a jaded view of humanity should spend a day amongst the children and staff here at Kings International School. They would see the strength of human fellowship. It is a wonderful thing that we get to see every day. Children being caring friends, ignoring the boundaries that we adults sometimes perceive. This specialness provides KINGS children an experience, which we hope, will allow them to be decent citizens who can make a values-based contribution to our world. We are proud to celebrate all the wonderful children of KINGS International School and maybe follow in their example of a tolerant, respectful friendship to one another!

The principles of teaching and learning at the KINGS International School are to:
• Provide a high quality of education in a safe, healthy and encouraging learning environment, using modern constructivist learning methods and material, to assist children to reveal and develop the gifts and innate talents that they each possess.
• Provide a high standard of education in English, Burmese and Chinese to pupils so that they can have access to the wealth of information and variety of opportunities available today, so that they will develop the values, skills and knowledge to enable them to participate as citizens and leaders of their communities and in the affairs of the world
• Provide an awareness of internationalism, diversity of culture, religion and traditions and to show respect for the beliefs of all peoples of the planet
• Provide an education that inculcates critical thinking, reflection and independence in learning
• Respect all faiths and does not allow any propagation of a particular religion
• Our qualified and experienced Principal from the UK has been teaching since 2001 (EYFS, Primary, Secondary and College). As a Schools Inspector and holding many Senior Leaderships roles in his previous schools, he brings a wealth of expertise (but not limited to) National Curriculum for England, Cambridge, IB, Common Core, BTEC & IPC. Apart from the UK, he has worked in International schools in six countries.

We Proudly Offer
• UK Curriculum leading to UK’s IGSCE programme
• Qualified and experienced Native English Speaker staff for English subject
• Strong emphasis on 3Rs (Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic)
• Trilingual Approach (English, Chinese and Burmese)
• Creative and Interactive STEM Lessons
• Parental Community involvement
• Qualified and experienced international staff (Myanmar, UK, USA, Singapore, China & India), with an awareness of Child Protection & Safeguarding
• Music, IT, sports and swimming
• A healthy, safe and secure learning environment
• School transport
• Preschool, Primary, Secondary (IGCSE) and Career Counselling for UK, US and International Universities

The opportunities being offered to our pupils are of good quality and meet the requirements of the 21st century.
• We care more about a sincere, child-focused, authentic education, which develops potential and assists the development of our pupils into confident, well-balanced leaders of the future, who are respected for who they are
• We are the first school in Myanmar to join the UK’s National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) accredited by the UK Department for Education (DfE)
• The staff are au fait with the UK’s latest Early Years Assessment tool Tapestry.
• Our unique Forest School lessons have now been introduced to Primary
• Our pupils have time during the day to spend their break time outside to get some fresh air and to benefit from the natural source of Vitamin D
• Our weekly celebration Assemblies are always something to look forward to by all.
• Strong emphasis on Staff Training with the latest international best practice. Our staff attend courses from the British Council’s Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN)
• We also offer Chinese language lessons from qualified and experienced Chinese native teachers
• We also want our pupils to understand the local language and culture by having Myanmar Studies lessons as a part of their curriculum

Ages (Preschool, Primary, Secondary (UK IGCSE) )
• Pre-Nursery – 2-3 years
• Nursery – 3-4 years
• Reception – 4-5 years
• Primary – 5-11 years
• Secondary – 11-16 years

Our vision for these young children is simple, yet effective and may be encapsulated in these words by Maria Montessori:
“In the words of a child:

I hear and I forget.
I see and I may remember.
I do and I understand.”

We aim to have many more developments and International affiliations in all areas. These developments, affiliations, and memberships along with accredited Edexcel Curriculum provider make KINGS International School a unique school which has so much to offer our children.

Being part of the KINGS family is the best investment you will ever make in your child’s future.

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