Attendance Policy and Student Performance


  1. All students are expected to arrive to school 15 minutes prior to start of classes.
  2. All students are expected to achieve a minimum 95% attendance target per term. Students who do not meet the minimum criteria will receive a warning letter from the school. A meeting with the school principal will also be arranged to discuss ways on improving attendance of affected student(s).
  3. There are two types of school absence ; authorized leave of absence approved by the principal (leave form duly filled and submitted at least one day beforehand) and unauthorized leave of absence (approval for leave not approved by the principal)
  4. Authorized leave of absence is approved only if
    • Leave form is filled and submitted to class teacher for approval at least 1 day before scheduled leave
    • Student informs the school of his/her at least 30 minutes before on the same day if he/she falls ill.
  5. Any student who fails to obtain leave in the above manner is deemed to be on unauthorized leave. A meeting with the school principal will be arranged should any student seek unauthorized leave on more than 1 occasion.


There will be a daily school assembly at 8.25 am for students to led to their respective classes by their class / subject teachers. Any student who arrives after 8.45 am will be recorded as late. All students who are late need to report first to Reception before being led to their respective classroom. Students arriving late on three occasions will receive a letter from the school. If this persists, principal will arrange for an interview with both parent and student concerned.

Any student who arrives after 9.00 am without a reasonable explanation will receive an unauthorized leave mark on their attendance.

Student Performance

We pride ourselves on assisting students achieve the best possible results if they adhere to our approach to ensuring success for all our students. This include
  • Conducting regular tutorial tests after completion of topics or chapters in the textbook.
  • Conducting regular term tests to monitor closely progress of students. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements are provided with remedial classes to help them catch up with their peers
  • The school reserves the right to warn students and subsequently expel students who fall short of the expectations set by the school because of the following;
    1. Students do not meet the 80% attendance criteria and miss many lessons within the term without a valid reason.
    2. Students are lazy and do not make a conscientious effort to hand in homework assignments on time.
    3. Students do not fulfil their duty to work on developing self -study habits and commit time every evening on studying, note taking and going over the materials learned during the day.
    4. Students are continually disruptive in class and make no effort to engage with the teacher in a calm and civilized manner.
    5. Students must show, treat teachers with respect and classmates/peers with kindness.

Use of mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited especially during class times.
  1. All students who bring their mobile phones to school will hand them over to the school training coordinator before the start of classes. They will be allowed to collect their phones once all their respective classes have ended for the day.
  2. Anyone caught using their mobile phones during class time will have their mobile phones confiscated. Principal will return the confiscated mobile phones after a period of 7 days for the first offence and for 30 days for the second offense.

Code of conduct

All students are expected to
  • Attend school and lessons on time every day
  • Bring all books, stationary required for each day
  • Be polite, considerate and respect all individual differences within the school compound
  • Complete all classroom and homework tutorials to the best of their abilities
  • Report any bullying or anti-social behavior to the class teacher
  • Respect the school environment by keeping it free from litter and graffiti
The following list of behaviour are deemed undesirable in a school environment and disciplinary action (as determined by the principal) will be meted out for the following actions
  • Possession of illegal substances of any kind or alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Disruption to learning
  • Use of mobile phone in school premises
  • Failure to complete classwork or homework
  • Physical assault
  • Any form of bullying including cyberbullying
  • Swearing or using inappropriate language
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Truancy
  • Fighting
  • Physical or verbal abuse to others
  • Forbidden articles and items (fireworks, chewing gum, any weapons, knives, matches and lighters, tobacco, alcohol, any form of drugs, laser pointers)


A student is deemed enrolled for the school as soon as an application form is completed and all fees (one time registration fee and termly tuition fees) are duly paid. The following school policies will apply for all enrolled students
  • All fees paid upfront are non-refundable except in cases where a student wishes to withdraw for whatever reason or circumstance
    1. Where withdrawal occurs within the first three weeks on enrolment, 75% of tuition fees will be refunded. Registration fee will not be waived.
    2. Where withdrawal occurs after the starting date of academic year, no fees will be refunded.
    3. All school fees (tuition fees and registration fees) are not refundable or transferable once academic year starts or if the enrolment is made after academic year starts.
  • All tuition fees can be paid on a termly or annual basis. Term dates are listed in the school calendar. All payment must be paid by invoice’s due date. If the payment is not settled by due’s date, late fees will be applied which must settled altogether with outstanding payment within two weeks.
  • If late fees on top of additional fees remain unpaid, student will receive reminders from management team and further met with disciplinary actions.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse to allow students to attend the school or withhold any references while fees remain unpaid.


Subject choices, changes require prior approval from the Principal. The school will undertake all efforts to introduce a wide range of subjects to offer all our students. It is the sole responsibility of the school to determine the teachers and teaching hours for each subject to maximize the best possible opportunities for our students to excel in the subjects of their choice.


The following guidelines have been established to assist parents in the selection of appropriate attire.

  • Students must only wear school uniforms on campus. Students with inappropriate attire worn on campus will be met disciplinary action.
  • Students must be clean shaven and well-groomed at all times.

School Uniform Policy



Short, well-combed hairTidy, well-combed hair
White School Polo ShirtWhite School Blouse tucked in at all times
Dark Grey School Trousers Dark Grey School Skirt
No Hair Colour or dyeNo Hair Colour or dye, No Fancy Hair Accessories
No multiple piercingsNo Long earrings, No Multiple Piercings
Must be in proper attire at all timesMust be in proper attire at all times



Navy shirt for Secondary students with School LogoNavy shirt for Secondary students with School
Yellow shirt for Primary students with School LogoYellow shirt for Primary students with School
Sport ShoesSport Shoes
White or Black Plain Socks White or Black Plain Socks
Note: If students are not wearing school uniform, they will have to go home and change or buy the school uniform/PE attire from Reception and wear it immediately.

Visitor Arrivals

All visitors entering Kings International School during school hours are required to check in at Reception at the Main Entrance. After signing in the visitor log book, stating whom they wish to visit, the purpose of their visit and showing proof of identity, a visitor’s pass will be issued. All visitors will be asked to wear the visitors pass while they are in the building and return the pass and sign out when they leave. All visitors need to be accompanied by a school staff or teacher at all times during their visit.

Key contact persons

School reception: 09898884411, 09898884422


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