General Information

Parents involvement is crucial to a child’s academic achievement. We are glad to see most of our students getting a lot of support from their parents. Parental engagement with the school not only predict a student’s success but also encourage lifelong love of learning.
Since (2009) till present (2019) Kings International School always prioritizes to have best outcome of our students education. Successful education requires a three-way engagement of school, parents and students. Hence Kings provide individual coaching with parents and students to make both academic and non-academic improvements. Please contact to 09898884411 or 09898884422 for detail and appointment.


We organize one field trip a year at the end of term one break in October. This is an educational school field trip. The purpose of this trip is to help student improve on social etiquette, build confidence and gain valuable team building and cooperation skills. Through this experience students learn to respect all cultural and social norms in our community. “The learning which happens outside the classroom is a key ingredient especially for students intent on furthering their studies abroad at some stage in their school life.” (Gavin)
Once the field trip dates and details are confirmed, the school will send out a letter of consent form for parents to sign. The cost of the trip will cover all meals and transportation during the trip. There will be no additional charges incurred for the trip. Students can bring extra pocket money if they wish to shop for snacks or souvenirs.

Physical Education

PE coaches and professional sport trainers are selectively chosen to train our pupils. In line with the school effort to promote an all round and holistic education, we offer physical education related activities either as a class session or as an after school program. For the past months in August and September 2019 , we arranged two indoor after school program activities: table tennis and taekwondo. Sports activities can be both indoor and outdoor but during rainy season we only offer indoor activities. Students may participate in the program after classtime until 4pm.

School Lunch

It is not easy for parents to prepare a hearty,healthy and nutritious meal for children for school on time. Additionally, how good or delicious the food is, it will likely be cold by the time the kids eat it at lunch time. We want convenience for parents as well as high quality, healthy and nutritious meal for our students. Hence the school lunch. Our lunch is prepared by Chef Orng (owner of Orgn’s Kitchen, a French Fine Dining restaurant at 7 miles) and the menu is overseen by the nutritionist Dr. Win Win Myint.

Payments for Lunch & Snacks

The cost of lunch set varies according to student class year; pre-school to year 6 will pay 60,000Ks. Year 7 to 11 will pay 70,000Ks. Students pay for their lunch and snacks on a monthly basic. Our chef prepares meals depending on the number of headcount, so those who wish to change to school lunch plan will need to sign up at the reception one day prior to starting the lunch plan. You may opt out of the school lunch anytime but there will be no refund for the month you have signed up for the lunch plan. To make a payment please contact to 09898884411 or 09898884422

Term Dates

Please view or download a PDF of all our term & holiday dates 2019-20 here.