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KINGS International School has been established as a top tier education provider in Yangon since 2009. Over the years, KINGS has helped many students achieve their academic goals, gained parents’ trust, expanded from teaching preschool to secondary programs and provided coaching support for students applying for top universities in the UK and worldwide. We are now taking the next step to deliver higher education courses starting with the International Foundation Year this September 2022.

At KINGS, academic excellence comes first but we also want to instill and develop strong core values in our students. As a team, we are committed to educating our next generation and preparing them to be ready for the future. Our results have been amazing and we would like to invite you to visit us.

Our students will be learning at our new two-acre campus, facilitated by high tech classrooms, laboratories, a library, lots of indoor and outdoor breakout spaces and sports facilities.

We are very excited to bring NCUK program to Myanmar to create access for our students. We believe that quality education can change lives, families, societies and ultimately countries. Our team is committed to provide the quality education and the supportive environment for our students to excel and grow.

William Thant, Managing Director

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Address:No (6/A), Kyoe Sett Yone Street, B Quarter Thuwanna, Yangon.

Phone:+95 9 89 888 4411

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