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KINGS International School is an academically focused school that wants to instill and develop strong core values in our students. We firmly believe in the importance and the power of quality education and how it can change lives, societies and countries. As a team, we are committed to educate our next generation and to prepare them to be ready for tomorrow’s world. We aim to deliver quality education to provide more opportunities and access.

KINGS International School runs academic programs from Pre-School to Secondary (IGCSE) level. We are a British curriculum school adopting a rigorous academic program designed for success. The school implements a tri-lingual approach to its curriculum. In addition to English and Myanmar, we offer Chinese as a second language from Pre-School. The results have been amazing and we’d like to invite you to see the outcome yourself.

We are a registered Pearson Edexcel test centre, Centre Number: 91801.


Team’s Mission

  • We aim to inspire, teach with passion, be professional & creative and learn continuously.
  • We strongly believe in the powers and importance of a quality early childhood programme.
  • We strongly believe in a robust primary programme to equip and challenge our students to reach greater heights.
  • We strongly believe in an academically focused secondary programme to deliver results and help prepare our students to enter the best universities around the world.

Expectations for our students


Be hardworking


Be respectful


Be gritty


Be kind


Be creative


Be risk taking


Be world wise


Have knowledge


Have varied experiences to prepare them for life outside and beyond school


Have strong moral values for life

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